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Published on April 26th, 2014 | by Margaret Pardoe


Dieting makes you fat!

“Pasta doesn’t make you fat. How much pasta you eat makes you fat!”

Giada de Laurentiis

Whilst the quote about pasta is a truism, there’s a nasty sting in the tail of daily calorie restriction!

Not only is daily calorie restriction a miserable way to live, it’s been shown to have an impact on how many calories you can eat for a very long time afterwards, possibly for the rest of your life.

Called “Adaptive Thermogenesis”  it’s why serial dieters say things like:

“I put on weight eating little more than a lettuce leaf!”


“All my friends are skinny and they eat loads more than me!”


“The more I diet the bigger I seem to get!”

Sound familiar? If so, read on…….

All calorie restricted diets work in the short term, but for the great majority of dieters, they are doomed to failure long term.

With daily calorie restriction, you lose 75% fat and 25% lean tissue – muscle!

The main reason that people regain weight is because their metabolism has decreased. Muscle mass is a key factor in metabolism, and as you lose muscle, your metabolism decreases – usually by 200 – 400 calories daily

The only way to prevent this drop in metabolic rate is to increase your muscle mass through exercise:

i.e. 5 x weekly for 45 minutes

Most people don’t!

If you don’t exercise enough, the weight regained will be fat, leaving you bigger and flabbier than you were originally, and with a slower metabolism!

And that’s why people who have dieted feel like they gain weight on less food!

It’s because they actually do gain weight on less food

  In the BBC2 documentary “The Men Who Made Us Fat” Professor Tracey Mann,  Psychologist at the University of Minnesota spoke to presenter, Jacques Peretti.

Professor Mann has been  researching eating behaviour for NIH and NASA and has looked at over 100 clinical studies of diet stretching back over 3o years. Her research is the most comprehensive study of commercial weight loss ever undertaken. She found that over 2 – 5 years weight loss was under 1 kg on average and that  1/3 -2/3 of dieters regained more than they lost.

Feeling that the majority of people would be better off not dieting at all, she concluded:


  “If we could get people to focus on health instead of weight as what they’re striving for we’d be a lot better off. In every way”



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