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Published on May 24th, 2014 | by Margaret Pardoe


“The mice that always lost weight”

“The mice that always lost weight”

Dr Krista Varady


Lots of advances in the scientific world owe their origins to being a happy accident. And Modified Alternate Day Fasting is no exception it turns out!

The question that Dr Varady, author of “The Every Other Day Diet”, was researching was “Can you put a mouse on the ultimate form of calorie restriction – fasting – so that the growth of cancer cells is slowed, but the animal does not lose weight”.

A really great research question as there is already lots of evidence to show that if you restrict the diet of mice they live longer than mice fed a regular diet. Plus the biochemical mechanisms have been shown to be anti-cancer.

But the mice always lost weight!

After the day of fasting, the mice could eat to appetite the following day. But never ever ate enough to prevent weight loss!

The mice always lost weight!

So Dr Varady moved the goalposts and commenced research into fasting and weight loss – on people this time!

The mice were losing weight with zero calories on the fast day, but it seems that much of the research on animals into restricted calories and heart disease and cancer was done with 25 %  calorie intake on the fast day.

And with 25% of calories on the fasting day, there was no loss of muscle! Muscle is metabolically active and burns more calories.

What happens when you lose muscle when dieting? You burn less calories after dieting and the inevitable regain is FAT!

You are fatter and flabbier and you gain weight eating less!

Daily calorie restriction has little to recommend it, yet millions depend on it – and most end up fatter and flabbier and gain weight eating less food – it seems so unfair after all that effort!

And so the research into modified alternate day fasting commenced!

And the people (almost) always lost weight…….


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