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Published on February 15th, 2014 | by Margaret Pardoe



Snorkelling is great fun and can be energetic enough to help with weight loss. It’s easy to learn, accessible to anyone of any age and is an ideal way to build up confidence in the water.

It can be a great introduction to underwater sports and can be a first step towards learning to dive.

Taking snorkelling classes is a good idea before venturing out into the ocean!

To snorkel you need to be a swimmer, but if snorkeling in the open sea you could wear a life jacket to give confidence in choppy or very deep water, although you’d then be restricted to the surface.

You should never snorkel alone, and the minimum safe number is 3 people i.e. a buddy pair to look out for each other in the water, and a boat or shore lookout.

The 2 snorkellers should take turns to dive, with one always on the surface.

And choose a safe site, avoiding areas with heavy boat traffic, dangerous currents and rip tides.

Always check tides, with the safest times to snorkel usually at “slack water”, which usually occurs near high or low water.

Check the weather and sea state before setting off, especially wind, as it can cause waves to increase which make snorkeling very hard work. 12mph+ (Force 3-4) is usually enough to cancel.

Whilst you are snorkeling be careful not to hyperventilate as this can reduce the levels of carbon dioxide in your lungs. This then decreases the trigger to breathe and can lead to blackouts. Not a good idea in the ocean!

And you need to avoid diving if you have a cold as you could force mucus into the Eustachian tubes and cause an infection.

Apart from all of that this is another great way to enjoy the water, with lots of interesting benefits whilst helping with weight loss through exercise.

Although it’s a whole different ball game snorkeling over coral in the warm Caribbean sea compared to a chilly encounter in a choppy Channel!


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