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Published on June 8th, 2014 | by Margaret Pardoe


Raspberry Ice Cream Dessert!

Raspberry Ice Cream Dessert

143 calories per serving, unsweeteneed / 195 calories if sweetened

It’s a hot, sticky and thundery Sunday, and the only thing I wanted to eat this afternoon was ice cream!

There’s none in the freezer, it’s a 20 mile round trip to town and it’s Sunday trading hours, so everywhere shuts shortly.

And although Modified Alternate Day Fasting is working, progress is slow! So, as advised by Professor Varady, author of the Every Other Day Diet, “Feast” days have been reduced to 1500 calories whenever possible.

So, with a bit of imagination, and what I had to hand in fridge and freezer – I made this creamy compromise!

My raspberry “Ice Cream Dessert” is dairy free, can be served unsweetened and suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.

I wouldn’t be able to work out the ingredients if I hadn’t made it myself! It has the creaminess of a dairy product and the consistency of soft scoop ice cream.

This version is totally unsweetened, but I would probably add 1 tbsp real maple syrup (52 calories) if making it again. Especially if serving it to other people, children in particular.

Natural stevia may significantly alter the flavour, but I would use it for this recipe if I was serving it to someone who had diabetes. Or even the commercial packets of refined stevia – 2tsps sugar equivalent.

Or I’d make a strawberry version – which may be naturally sweet enough.

Even with a somewhat sweet tooth, I found the unsweetened version to be delicious just as it was!


Ingredients shown for 1 serving – just multiply quantities for larger numbers

Time: about 5 minutes

Approx 2oz / 60g avocado (i.e. 1 very small or half a medium avocado) – 100 cals

100g frozen raspberries 43 cals

1oz / 30mls freshly squeezed orange juice (i.e. juice of about half an orange)

(1 tbsp maple syrup – 52 calories if using. Stevia is calorie-free)


Mash together the avocado and orange juice

Put frozen raspberries into blender with the avocado and juice mixture

(Add maple syrup or honey to taste if using)

Process until the mixture is the consistency of soft scoop ice cream

Serve immediately

Garnish with raspberries and/or edible flowers


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