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Published on June 14th, 2014 | by Margaret Pardoe


The Fastest Fast to Lose Weight!


The Fastest Fast To Lose Weight

Fasting has been a part of life since we first crawled out of the swamp! But was not necessarily of our own choosing!

Going from feast to famine is part of human and animal reality, but the obesity epidemic of modern times is new and unprecedented and is more than simple over-eating. However, whatever the causes, the reality of losing weight has proved to be unsuccessful for the majority in the long-term.

Just to clarify, enough calorie restriction will ALWAYS result in weight loss. There are enough human tragedies throughout the aeons as proof positive!

But calorie restriction for weight loss, having resulted in weight loss in the short term:


The problem being that 25% of the loss is muscle, unless you are very careful with exercise to preserve muscle! Muscle is metabolically active and burns more calories!

Plus your body adapts and learns to survive on less – it’s programmed for survival!

The quickest way to fast is through Juice Fasting, often used in naturopathic healing, although mainstream medicine does not recommend this!

Juice Fasting

This is fasting on predominantly freshly prepared raw vegetable juices, with a little freshly prepared fruit juice alongside herbs and spices for added nutrition and flavour.

Plant protein in the form of powdered algae is recommended, and this may help mitigate muscle loss and ensure a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals alongside those found in the juices. Spirulina and/or chlorella are generally the natural  plant protein supplements that are generally suggested.

Massively effective, as can be seen in the film “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”, this is not for the faint-hearted!

My own experience of juice fasting was that, although effortless to do with a serious health problem, it became exponentially more tricky when the main problem was simply being fat!

Both Joe Cross in the aforementioned film, and Jason Vale in “Super Juice Me” had significant health issues and these may have been drivers to manage the regime of juice fasting. That they were male and younger and changed from appalling diets, made success more likely. But that is in now way to take away from their exceptional achievement. To continue, the health benefits needed to be significant!

An easy, if costly, way of trying this out is to go on a juice-fasting holiday! Having the juicing done for you in lovely surroundings, with exercise built in and in the company of others all in the same boat, is bound to be a great start to a juice fasting experience!

The two individuals in the films have undertaken long term fasts, but benefits from shorter fasts are indicated and can be done intermittently throughout the year. Care still needs to be taken to avoid losing muscle whatever the length of the fast. Plant protein plus exercising at an appropriate level!

To continue to Juice Fast, the benefits would have significantly outweighed the difficulties, and it is a well-known healing technique in naturopathic herbalism.

Long-term maintenance requires a high raw diet and juices, and throughout the fast and thereafter it is really important to exercise to maintain muscle.

There are no clinical trials proving the efficacy of this kind of fast, but plenty of anecdotal evidence, and is probably best undertaken under the supervision of a qualified naturopathic herbalist.

NB Water fasting is not recommended as it is too extreme and can flood the system with toxins creating a “healing crisis”. This would feel something like having flu!

Mainstream medicine is convinced that the body is designed to detoxify itself, but anecdotal evidence from individuals shows clearly the power of juice fasting.



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