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Published on April 5th, 2014 | by Margaret Pardoe


“Fall seven times; stand up eight.”

“Fall seven times; stand up eight.” 

Japanese proverb

Oops! It’s Week 5 and this week I haven’t done so well!

It’s pretty obvious why! I had three nights of going to bed reeeeaaally reeeeeaaally late!

I did get enough sleep – just at a different time….. twice related to airport runs. And once, just because…….It’s an old pattern which would be really easy for me to fall back into!

But what I did do was eat in the middle of the night before sleeping – or rather, the small hours of the morning to be precise! And that appears to be my downfall!!

So how bad was it?

Well……………………after 3 days of MAD fasting this week (Modified Alternate Day), I’ve actually gained a little – a very little – 4 ounces (a quarter of a pound / 113.40 grams to be exact – and I have very accurate old-fashioned Imperial measurement scales and Google to help me convert to metric!

But, strangely, I seem to have lost another half inch from round my waist……so I’m going to take the line that I must have converted fat into muscle! Positive thinking and all that….and I do actually “feel” thinner!

Even a slight weight gain like that has been enough to derail me in the past! But paradoxically, may also have protected me from the dangers of muscle loss through regular CRD (calorie restriction dieting) with the almost inevitable long-term problem of regain. But a regain of fat, not muscle, so ending up flabbier and bigger overall in the long run!

So! What to do about this aberration!!

Well, without a doubt, getting back to a normal sleep pattern is pretty obvious for starters.

But, beyond sleeping at a sensible time, I would seem to have 3 options:

  • Maintain the status quo by just carrying on as normal and ignoring this blip in weight loss
  • Do 3 consecutive Fast Days, as suggested by Dr Krista Varady who has done all the research into alternate day fasting
  • Try restricting calories on non-fasting days to 1500, also suggested by Dr Varady
  • And / Or Increasing exercise

Haven’t decided yet! Will keep you posted…..


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