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Published on February 16th, 2014 | by Margaret Pardoe


Weight control and sleep

This is my favourite weight loss method!

You just need to sleep more. Beats jogging hands down for me.

To compensate for lack of sleep you tend to both eat more, and eat more of the wrong stuff as well! A double whammy for weight gain!

A regular routine before going to bed will help if you have difficult with going to sleep.

And/or a chamomile bath

Not having stimulants such as coffee and tea and caffeinated soft drinks from the afternoon onwards will help, and making sure your bed is comfortable and that the room is the right temperature, well ventilated and dark. Chamomile tea has a natural sopophoric effect (add a little lemon or honey till you get used to the taste!)

And learn to meditate – 20 minutes of meditation has the same effect on the brain as 2 hours of sleep. This is ideal to do if you wake up in the night or small hours of the morning and just can’t doze off again.

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first trained and practiced as a State Registered Nurse and State Certified Midwife in the UK, and thereafter, as a Master Herbalist, Registered Iridologist and Accredited Journey Therapist. More recently she trained as a Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner with co-founder and creator of NLP, Richard Bandler. She has a lifetime of experience in both allopathic and alternative medicine and in mind/body healing techniques.

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