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Published on July 19th, 2014 | by Margaret Pardoe


Creamy tomato soup! Like a warm hug on a cold day! Only 90 calories!

Comfort food!

Lifesaver on a 500 calorie day if you are doing modified alternate day fasting! And even in a heatwave (30 degrees Centigrade counts as a heat wave in the UK for anyone who lives in sunnier climes lol!), I can feel cold in our stone built Victorian home by the evening!

And anyone who lives in the UK, particularly the north, will know that even mid-summer our weather can be cool and grey and damp. I adore Gazpacho, which is a raw soup full of vegetables and flavour – and served over ice. But I serve that when the weather is hot and sunny here or I’m somewhere on holiday in the sunshine.

So – this recipe is for my favourite creamy (cream-free / wheat-free / sugar free ) tomato soup.

Remarkably similar to Heinz tomato soup in both taste and texture, yet dairy free, wheat free, suitable for vegetarians and vegans alike, and high in both fibre and vegetable protein. It’s also great as part of a family meal as you can serve it with ciabatta, with or without cheese, or croutons or a sandwich – whatever floats your family’s boat! The commercial version was our go-to emergency family lunch when anyone wasn’t happy!

Like an internal hot water bottle and a warm hug rolled into one, it’s one of my favourite 100 calorie survival snacks for a 500 calorie Fast day. If you have a few calories left, a tiny piece of feta cheese crumbled takes it to a whole other level! I quarter a 200g pack and then quarter one of the quarters – so I use 12.5g which is only another 36 calories. Otherwise, both soups look lovely with a sprinkling of chopped parsley or chives or a sprig of basil leaves as a garnish.

An even warmer version is made with a can of red kidney beans instead of the white beans and about a teaspoon of hot sauce (adapt quantity to taste). For this version I add 1 -2tsps (4 – 8g) of unrefined cane sugar (16 or 32 cals) instead of the orange juice. That’s a teeny tiny amount of sugar per serving.

I make up a batch of 5 servings and can have it ready to serve from scratch in 10-15 minutes from scratch or 5 minutes for 1 portion if its ready-made in the fridge. In the latter case this is my “snack” meal and keeps me full for the whole of the evening so I never go to bed hungry.



Makes 5 x 250ml servings at 90 calories / serving

Juice of an orange (add half then adjust to taste – approx 30-60ml: 12-24 calories

2 x 500g packs of Passata: 232 cals

Same quantity of water measured in the packs adjust to get the right creamy consistency

1 can cannelini beans, drained and rinsed: 235g

1 tsp sea salt (adjust to taste)


Takes about 10-15 minutes to make

Blend the white beans with some of the passata

Pour into a saucepan and add all the other ingredients, using the water to rinse out the passata packs

Heat gently till nearly boiling

Serve with

Chopped chives or parsley or garnish with basil

(If I have enough calories left on the 500 calorie day I sprinkle the soup with 12.5g or 25g finely chopped Feta cheese which adds 36 or 72 calories, but is totally worth it)

On alternate days when you can eat to appetite


For the rest of the family

Serve with a little cream swirled on top, more grated cheese and lots of good bread!



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