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Published on July 26th, 2014 | by Margaret Pardoe


The 8 Worst Diets



The 8 Worst Diets in the Whole Wide World


A recent UK documentary “The World’s Best Diet” was presented by Jimmy Doherty and Kate Quilton, who traveled around the world taking a look at shopping and eating habits across the globe.


Many placings are as you’d expect. The US scored low thanks to the consumption of high-fructose corn syrup. Southern European countries with a Mediterranean diet did well. But there were also surprises and tragedies, particularly the place with the very worst diet! A man-made tragedy completely out of the control of the indigenous population!


Counting down to the Very Worst Diet in the World:

8)   THE USA!

Surprisingly the US has seven global diets below it! But, with the exception of Russia, its influence has been pervasive! 

Fast Food in the US began with political decisions. In 1971 the high cost of food had President Nixon worried about re-election and introduced the mass production of crops, including corn. Excess corn was made into HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) which is used in processed foods and sodas and is linked to weight gain and Type 2 diabetes. The American diet has spread into many countries and wherever it has been adopted there appears to be a decline in health and an increase in obesity!

7)   MEXICO   

Another surprising result as the traditional Mexican diet is very healthy, but nowadays 1:3 are obese.

Less fresh and natural foods are eaten, having been usurped by lots of cereal and fizzy sodas. Everything changed in 1994 when Mexico signed a free trade agreement with North America. Since the influx of cheap calories from imported American foods, they now have the highest rates of childhood obesity in the world and very poor dental health from all the sodas, candies and other processed foods.

6)   QATAR   

5)   UAE   

4)   SAUDI ARABIA     

3)   KUWAIT 

All the above Middle Eastern nations suffer from “New World Syndrome”!

Since striking oil and developing a taste for junk food, the ensuing obesity explosion throughout this part of the Middle East is down to a combination of both junk food and sedentary lifestyle.


The country with the penultimate worst diet in the world! 

Another unexpected result, given that the national dish is beetroot soup and the Russians have a love for root vegetables. But it is their love of alcohol which takes them to the bottom of the dietary pile, with 25% of men dying before 55 from alcohol poisoning, liver disease, accidents and drunken fights!


These exquisitely beautiful islands have the dubious honour of having the very worst diet in the world!

Seventy years ago the Marshallese islanders were hunter gatherers and diabetes was almost unheard of. Then in 1944 the US occupied the islands and the US government carried out nuclear tests on the Bikini Atoll. Unable to use their traditional hunting and fishing grounds any longer, the whole population became dependent on American imported foods. Their diet of white rice, canned vegetables, lots of tinned fatty meat and turkey tails which are 73% fat.
This appalling diet may also be coupled with a genetic predisposition to weight gain  i.e. the islanders put on a lot of weight quickly during times of abundance so that they can survive during times of famine. But this survival technique now puts them at greater risk of diabetes and obesity!

Surprising and tragic in equal measure, the population of these coral atolls are some of the most obese people in the world with the highest death rate from diabetes.



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